About Us

Law Firm Budvytis, Civilis and Partners was founded in 1992. For more than two decades our attorneys are providing legal services and successfully assisting our Lithuanian and foreign clients in achieving their goals set in various fields of life and business, regulated by rapidly changing and evolving national law. Attorneys of our law firm mainly work with business clients and enterprises. Equally fair amount of attention is paid to legal services provided to natural persons, as each and every client and issues he entrusted to us are important for our law firm.

Our customers are enterprises of various sizes engaged in different activities including trade, construction, real estate, pharmaceuticals and finance. Our attorneys advise Lithuanian and foreign enterprises on privatisation, investment and other issues directly related to the activities they are engaged in. We represent the interests of our clients in courts, municipal and state executive institutions. Presently there are ten attorneys in the firm who specialise in civil, labour, family and administrative law. Legal assistance is provided in Lithuanian, English and Russian. Upon request of a client, we may render legal assistance also in German and Polish. When needed or at the request of the client we co-operate with law offices in foreign countries.