About Us

Budvytis, Civilis & Partners, Law Firm was founded in 1992. For more than two decades our attorneys are providing legal services and successfully assisting our domestic and foreign clients in achieving their goals.

Law Firm Budvytis, Civilis & Partners has extensive experience in assisting private and legal persons, both domestic and international, to establish various forms of legal entities in Lithuania, to develop and expand their businesses by providing day-to-day legal assistance to their daily operations in terms of employment and company law, etc., as well as by performing legal due diligence investigations, acquisitions , representing at state authorities, etc.

In order to pay maximum attention to each and every client of the law firm and provide fast legal services tailored to specific client, Budvytis, Civilis & Partners mainly focuses on small and medium-sized companies, although large corporations also form part of our clientele.